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Chevron patterns, mint, coral, gold and ombré have been some of 2012’s best and biggest trends. However, the latter does not seem to be fading away. (Haha, I made a funny.) While, I do believe it is overused a bit, I do love it in the details of an event, in fancy desserts, in soft shades of champagne in a dress and for a subtle change in hair. Next week, I have a hair appointment and I am seriously considering a dark brown to auburn ombré…thoughts? Has anyone gone ombré this season?

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  1. 11/06/2012 11:50 am

    I would love to have that champagne dress for the Mardi Gras balls this year! It is gorgeous! I am looking for sparkly dresses this year. I have always played it safe in the past.

    • 11/06/2012 6:20 pm

      Ah, I never got to go to Mardi Gras balls – how exciting! You should definitely go for the champagne ombré!

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